Here you’ll find a collection of topics I write about often, so that these thoughts and essays are all neatly together in one place, with a bow on top.

Most notably, there are lots of writings about ONH and vision loss, which is one of my very favorite things to talk about.  Madeline’s diagnosis derailed our lives and sent us spinning in a totally new direction – and since we’ve been in this new and different place, we’ve found pieces of our lives that we never knew were missing.  We’re doing this thing now, this vision-loss thing, and it’s clear that it was our destiny all along.  We’re in love.

But in this “Journal” archive, you’ll also find bits of history that are precious and relevant, but not recent enough to make news on the homepage.  All of these are from real, actual, pen-and-paper-journals: relics, I know.  I hope you enjoy flipping through “the archives!”